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One of the greatest feelings is coming home, knowing there's nothing left to do but sitting down and relaxing from a hard day of work. Unfortunately, there are few who can enjoy such luxuries, as its not affordable for many today, or like many others, have been burned looking for dependable but reasonably priced quality service. Luckily for you, you've found us, Perfect Clean. The affordable solution for those who seek to take one more burden off their shoulders without having to sacrifice a kidney or quality of service. So go ahead, nows the time, call us today at (702) 810 9867, and get your free, no hassle quote!

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Try Our Essential Cleaning Package 

Our Essential Cleaning Package is not only designed for most homes but is also preferred by most customers. Organizing, dusting, vacuuming. and cleaning  kitchen, bathroom(s), bedroom(s) etc, is our thing. Fortunately our Essential Cleaning Package covers it all.

What's Included?



• Refrigerator Outside Wipe Down and Windex or Polish

• Stove Inside/Out (oven not included)

• Microwave Wash and Disinfect Inside/Out

• Sinks Wash and Disinfect

• Faucets (Polishing)

• Kitchen Counters (Full Wash Cleaning)

• Dust Off or Wipe Down Every Item on Counters

• Wipe Down Any Small Appliances

• Clean Floor (Regular Sweep and Mop)



• Dust off All Furniture

• Clean all tables  and Windex all Glass Tables

• Vacuum Carpet or Rugs

• Sweep and/or Mop Floors

• Empty all Trash Cans




• Wash Shower and Remove Hard Water Stains from Glass and Glass Doors

• Clean Tubs and Scrub all Walls

• Counters and Sinks Full Wash and Disinfect

• Dust off or Wipe Down Every Item on Counters Sinks Tubs and/or Showers

• Faucets (Polishing)

• Clean all Mirrors and Any Light Fixtures

• Toilet (Full Wash and Disinfect)

• Floors (Hand Cleaned Only in Bathrooms)



• Dust Off all furniture

• Make Beds and Change Linens

• Clean and Windex all Glass Tables

• Organize Bedrooms

• Sweep and Mop Floors

• Empty all Trash Cans

• Vacuum Carpet or Large Rugs



• Furniture Dust off on Hallways, Play Rooms and other Rooms

• Laundry Room (General Cleaning)

• Vacuum Any Other Carpet Areas

• Sweep and Mop Floors

• Empty all Trash Cans




With Perfect Clean You'll Be Happier! 

New Customers Only Special!

No valid for move in/out or post-construction clean up

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